Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dreaming (Literally) On the Way to Chicago


There's a "veritable plethora" of pictures posted by Tamera Young and Chamique Holdsclaw. You can't stop their cameras! You can only hope to contain them!

1. Izi and Erika share a moment. (Chamique "Big Smooth" Holdsclaw is the phootgrapher.)
2. Mining nose candy? (Big Smooth took this one.)
3. Shalee Lehning, down for the count? (Another Big Smooth production? - posted above)
4. Michelle Snow can't stay awake either. (From Little Smooth.)
5. Angel can't stay off the phone. (From Big Smooth)
6. Jennifer Lacy catches up on a movie at the airport, but we know how it ends. (From Little Smooth.)

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Stop Dreaming Start Action said...

Hmmm .. this time I wanna stop my dream. Nice post friend.