Thursday, June 25, 2009

System Shock

Tomorrow's Dream-Shock game is previewed at

First, a comment from regaring a "controversial" decision from Marynell Meadors:

The Shock look to snap a three-game losing streak Friday night when they face a Dream club that dropped its last contest amid a controversial coaching decision.


Meadors opted to go with reserves Jennifer Lacy and Tamera Young rather than reinsert Holdsclaw, who is averaging 13.4 points on the season.

That's the closest I've seen a print source out and out criticize Meadors's coaching.

Next, a comment about McCoughtry's game from Meadors:

"She's finally starting to get our system and understand how to play as a professional," Meadors said.

Angel was having trouble with Meadors's system? Interesting. (I can just hear the cynics out there, crying, in unison, "WHAT system?")

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