Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Viewership Down for Women's Sports Last Weekend

Paul Sen at Sports Media Watch reported that the WNBA - and women's sports in general - struggled for viewers on the weekend:

The WNBA's season opener between the Shock and Sparks -- a rematch of their now nearly forgotten brawl -- drew a 0.6 overnight rating on ABC, down 33% from a 0.9 for last year's comparable Sparks/Mercury tilt, but even with Monarchs/Shock in '07.

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The WNBA and LPGA accounted for the three lowest overnights of the weekend for live sports programming on broadcast. Even a relatively unheralded event like the Track & Field Prefontaine Classic managed a 1.2/3 overnight over the weekend -- double the ratings of the WNBA and LPGA.

Egad. Let's hope this isn't an ominous portent. Then again, given the quality of that Shock/Sparks game, maybe we should be happy about the low numbers.

A couple of interesting tweets from Paul Sen at Sports Media Watch

@paulsen_smw The Sparks wore their yellow home unis on the road at Detroit; does Farmers Insurance not allow them to wear purple?

@paulsen_smw Unbelievably misleading ad courtside: "WNBA Saturdays on ABC". ABC aired its only reg. season WNBA game of the season yesterday.


afoundingfan said...

Must've been because everyone was tired of hearing the same crap over and over. Did you know this is Lisa Leslie's last season?!! Did you know that Candace Parker just had a baby and she has to go breastfeed?!! ;)

afoundingfan said...

I imagine the league is tracking the viewership of Live Access?

Viewership was not down in *our* household...I think with the ABC game, NBATV (which I didn't even know I had until this weekend) and Live Access, I think I watched about five games this weekend.