Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dream Gets 93-81 Win over Mystics on Friday

Marynell: "A winning team? How am I supposed to cope?"

As you might have known - or perhaps not - I'm on vacation in the New York area. Actually, I'm attending a wedding, so it's more of a working vacation.

I'm busy catching up with everything, but today was the first day I heard of the Dream's 93-81 win over the Mystics. During the Liberty-Silver Stars games, they announced some halftime scores and announced that the Dream were up 41-34 at halftime. I don't think the Dream have ever lost a game when they were up at halftime, and I told myself, "I think the Dream are going to win this one, particularly without Marissa Coleman." And so, it occurred.

The 93 points scored is the second-highest number of points ever scored by the Dream.

This gives the Dream their first ever win against the Mystics. (And this calls up a trivia question: "Which WNBA team will always have a perfect W-L record against the Dream?" Can you answer it?)

Some updates:

* The Washington Post's take on the game is right here.
* Since I'm on vacation, I probably won't have time to watch the game itself, not until I get back home. However, I'll probably have some chance to do some post-mortem analysis. (Ignores groans of readers.)

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anonymous1 said...

Great game, too bad you missed it live. I have to say that even though Lehning isn't mentioned in any articles (so far) about last nights win, she was hustling all night (ended up in on top of a front row fan at one point). I was happy to see her take some shots but even more excited with her level of energy. She has quickly become a player I look forward to seeing on the court.