Saturday, June 6, 2009

Marynell on Ivory: "Blame the 11-Player Roster"

Josh Bagriansky, who follows the Dream at Score Atlanta, speaks with Marynell Meadors about the Ivory Latta situation. She has some interesting comments:

Atlanta turned many heads at the end of training camp, releasing well known guard Ivory Latta to cut their roster down to the maximum of 11 players that WNBA teams can carry this season.

Meadors said the release was performance-based, but didn’t want to get into details about the situation.

Latta, a fan favorite thanks to her fantastic college career at North Carolina, averaged 11.4 points and 3.6 assists on 36% shooting and started 31 games last season. But the return of Nikki Teasley, coupled with the signing of Coco Miller before training camp, may have sealed Latta’s fate.

“I think that made things jumbled up a little bit,” Meadors said of Miller signing. However, Meadors did indicate that things would have been different had the WNBA not required teams to carry just 11 players, two fewer than the previous limit of 13.

“It’s the WNBA’s fault with an 11 player roster,” she said. If we had a 12 player roster this year she [Latta] would be on the team.”


Anonymous said...

well if it was i wudnt want ivory on this team becuz i jus think they wuda kept her becuz she gets ppl in those seats in phillips arena and thats not a reason to keep someone mad a bad move point blank period..idc wat she says miller shouldnt be on this team...but hey wats done is done...GO IVORY #12 :) (Brittany)

Anonymous said...

ok...Brittany...get it out...get it all

Anonymous said...

I was done with this and thats an insult saying she would have been the 12th player on the excuses she has favorites

Ethan said...

I want my cookie for saying before the cut that [Player A] would get cut, leaving us all to ask "why didn't [Player B] get cut?!" somewhere in mid-season.

For Atlanta, this sentence will one day read "why did Ivory get cut and Coco Miller is still here?"

Clip 'n save.

Anonymous said...

lol at anonymous #2 yea i kan go on for days...And another thing is that lil statement that the coach or who ever said that we hope our ticket sells go up...ta hahaha yu is funny u let IVORY LATTA AKA THE SPARK PLUG AKA THE FACE OF THE ATLANTA DREAM GO...OK hmmm ur ticket sells are going down boo boo not up! :)(Brittany)