Friday, June 5, 2009

Pencils Down

The deadline for finalizing the 2009 WNBA Rosters is 3 pm Eastern Time today. Expect a few more changes to slide in just before the deadline.

The WNBA regular season starts tomorrow, in case you didn't notice.

UPDATE: Thanks for the correction!


Anonymous said...

it is actually 3 pm today not noon although most will make final cuts by lunchtime (except DC, who may attempt to carry 19 players using the "hey, they are willing to share seats on the airplane and bench" exemption)

and fyi if no one takes ivory by later today then she should be a free agent (waiver timing is not tied to the roster cutdown timing and if she was cut late Wed when announced then late Friday would be the deadline to take her off waivers).

Ares Vista said...

Can't wait for the season to start! Atlanta should be a contender this year, no?

pt said...

Anonymous: thanks for the correction, I adjusted the original post.

Ares: Yep. We'll be a contender if Mique has her old form, if Nikki's knees don't give out, if Tamera has a better sophomore season, if Angel and Shalee are all that and a bag of chips, if....