Thursday, June 4, 2009

Interview with Teresa Edwards

If you don't know who Teresa Edwards is, you don't know much about Georgia basketball. That's okay. I didn't know much about her either.

Edwards was born in Georgia, played for the University of Georgia, played in the Olympics, played (and coached) the Atlanta Glory in Atlanta, and has done color commentary for the Atlanta Dream on television.

The full interview is here. It's definitely a great read. Something tells me that Teresa Edwards and Chantelle Anderson have a lot in common - they both tell it like it is.

TE: Good question and I'm kind of glad you asked. I'm not the politically correct person - therefore I'll tell you how I feel about it. Yes, you're right, it is kind of disappointing. Because the effort to bring a professional league here in the United States was motivated, from my part, to do that, to keep us home in our environment, to build something here in the strongest country in the world, in my mind. If we are the biggest, best country in the world, why can't someone make room for us to be professional athletes as females here.

We were grinding it out initially, us and soccer, and just when it comes to women's team sports, to have a professional stand here.

You're absolutely correct when you ask this question. It's a little disappointing because these girls are now playing year-round. It's lucrative for them to go overseas and make a salary they can live on when they come here. And it's obviously not lucrative enough that they can just play in the WNBA and exist. And that's just not the dream I have for women's basketball.

I would love to see the day where you really could make it as a professional just like the men that get a lifestyle here. I think that would be my dream come true - even though I would not be the one out there doing it.

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