Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Diana Taurasi Instructs Becky Hammon in the Finer Points of Basketball

PShizzy: The Blog provides a prospective on the WNBA game from the photographer's point of view. It's definitely an interesting read.

He took this shot of Becky Hammon getting an arm in the face from Diana Taurasi. The author explains it this way:

She has this spin move, where instead of using her elbow against your body and spinning off, she goes high and catches people in the neck area. Stuns them while she spins. It’s great.

Interrrrrresting? Dirty play? Or just hard-nosed basketball?


Phoenix Stan said...

I asked Diana about this play in the locker room after the game. She says she got all ball and that the force of Becky's motion caused her to fall like that. She also just grinned and said something about it being basketball and Becky was happy b/c she got her foul shots.

I didn't see the play that close myself but I thought she was sending a message. Becky had driven the lane a few times before that.

I do have the audio of this if your interested.

pt said...

Phoenix Stan, definitely send that to me. I'd love to hear it.

PShizzy said...

I'm the author of the blog you pointed to. The quote you used is in reference to a spin move that Diana uses on offense, not how she handled this specific defensive play.

pt said...

All, I direct everyone to the link in the original post. It's a great article, and needs to be read fully to undersand the context.