Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2009/2 - Mystics 77, Dream 71 - Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

Just a brief finish up regarding the game on Sunday. Let's look at some numbers.

For the Mystics:

Alana Beard: 27 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals. She scored so much because she took a large number of shots - 16 field goal attempts and 13 free throw attempts. Her plus-minus is -11, which casts doubt on how much she actually contributed if Washington slid backwards when she was on the floor.
Crystal Langhorne: 10 points, 8 rebounds. However, a -8 plus/minus.
Marissa Coleman: 9 points.
Tasha Humphrey: 6 points, and the highest plus/minus at +11.

As for the Dream....

Best Players

Sancho Lyttle: With the first team sitting on the bench, someone had to step up from the second team, and it was Lyttle. 13 points on 11 chances, 4 rebounds, and 4 blocked shots gives her the edge over Coco Miller for the Dreamer of the Game.
Coco Miller: 17 points on 11 shooting atttempts, 5 rebounds, 2 assists. +12 in the plus/minus column for the best plus/minus of the game. Miller really turned it on in the second half.
Erika de Souza: It's actually a substantial drop off from Miller to de Souza. De Souza was good for 8 points and 6 rebounds, but fouled out of the game.

The Murky Middle

Chamique Holdsclaw: Big Smooth had a lot of highlights: 12 points and 3 rebounds in just 21 minutes of play. She also scored her 4,000 points - Holdsclaw could score points at the bottom of a coal mine. However, her -14 in plus-minus is a bit scary. Of course, that could just be the fault of her supporting cast.
Angel McCoughtry: 10 points, with 6 points coming in the fourth quarter. However, Angel turned the ball over five times and fouled out - her 11th foul in two games.
Jennifer Lacy: Lacy actually worked her way up into the middle. 6 points, 4 rebounds and a +3 plus/minus with the second team.
Tamera Young: Only 3 points in 12 minutes, but a +6 plus/minus.
Nikki Teasley: Zero points in almost eight minutes played. Five personal fouls limited her effectiveness in the game.

Not Up To Snuff

Shalee Lehning: How can you play 22 minutes of basketball and not score a single bucket? Lehning only attempted one shot, implying that she either loves the assist or just couldn't get open. Assists: 4. Turnovers: 5.
Michelle Snow: Our starter only started eight minutes. Snow went 1-for-4 in shooting. What's going on with Snow?
Iziane Castro Marques: Just 12 minutes of play, no points scored, two personal fouls and three turnovers. Who was less effective, Snow or Castro Marques? I'm going to hang the Bad Dream award on Izi, and hope for better things from Izi on Friday against Chicago.


Anonymous said...

how can you say that 0 points, 8 minutes and 5 fouls is in the murky middle? that clearly is horrible...

Ethan said...

"Bad Dream" award! Love it.

It sucks to have to give it out, tho. :-\

Pusser said...

You're wondering if Shalee loves the assist? Perhaps you should look at her college statistics!!!

Pusser said...

It's also possible that Lehning didn't shoot or score because she was told to get the ball in to Holdsclaw and McCoughtry.

pt said...

My stats on Shalee have 11.2 ppg and 6.3 apg for the 2007-08 season. She had 10.7 ppg and 7.6 apg in the 2008-09 and was the third scoring option behind Ashley Sweat and Marlies Gipson.

When I created my Senior Prospects Metric, Shalee was ranked #4 overall in the metric, behind Courtney Paris, Kristi Toliver and Lisa Karcic. Two of those three players were first round draft pics, so we know she's got value.

What I can't understand is Lehning only attempting a single shot in the Washington game - unless she's taking Meadors's instruction literally, and those instructions are "I want to see you pass the ball, not shoot it."