Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dream Lose to Sun 82-68 on Saturday Night in Connecticut

"Izi, Snow, where are we? Detroit? Cleveland?"

Well, Connecticut had...what, five days off?....and Atlanta was forced to play back to back games and go on the road for the second one. So really, this shouldn't have been a surprise. That schedule was just a killer.

Here's the take on the game by the Associated Press.

Here's the WNBA boxscore.

And finally, here's a gallery of images from

I'll scribble a few lines about this game. Couldn't watch it for two reasons: a) company at home out of town, and b) crappy internet connection. I miss Art Eckman on the radio. But at least I'll say something about it.

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Ethan said...

Actually, this was a Sun home game at The Casino, which guaranteed they'd win handily.

...because the house always wins.

Groan yourself.