Monday, June 8, 2009

Laimbeer Implies Shock is Targeted by WNBA

Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Times writes about how the Shock is coping with the incident where Plenette Pierson was reinjured.

Laimbeer never holds back an opinion. As far as he's concerned, Tina did it on purpose. Furthermore, with players like Ford and Pierson injured and Braxton suspended, Laimbeer claims that the league isn't allowing him to replace any injured players with temp contracts.

From the article:

Laimbeer shared similar skepticism about the league. Consider the following exchange:

Laimbeer: "We asked the league if we could replace players and they said not the Shock. You have to be down to six or seven."

Reporter: "They said eight."

Laimbeer: "They won’t let us. That’s the way they are."

Reporter: "Why do you think that?"

Laimbeer: "We’re the Shock."

UPDATE: The Shock got to sign Britany Miller to a replacement contract. The squeaky wheel....

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Anonymous said...

Bunch of BS from Bill. They resigned Brittany to fill the gap just as the rules allow when you get under 9 who can play. No one told him no.