Thursday, June 18, 2009

The 1800 Club

I first heard about the 1800 Club from Frisco Del Rosario. Members of the 1800 Club are known to be good all-around shooters.

So how do you know if your favorite player is an 1800 club member? Simple: you add their field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage, and free throw percentage. You then multiply that by 1000.

Out of all WNBA players who have played 500 or more minutes in a career, the club only has one member: Simone Edwards, who had a FG % of 478, a FT % of 647....and a 3-Pt % of 1000 (1-for-1 lifetime) to end up at 2125. If you put the restriction that the person has to have made at least 10 3-point attempts in a career, the best finisher is Elene Tournikidou at 1758. Jennifer Azzi, who just went into the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, had a career number of 1741.

Even though it's hard to keep up that level of shooting for a career, it's good to look at seasonal numbers.

1800 Club Contenders 2008

(minimum 100 minutes and 10 3-point attempts)

1. Lisa Willis, 1856
2. Roneeka Hodges, 1785
3. Erin Phillips, 1782
4. Ebony Hoffman, 1751
5. Kara Lawson, 1751
6. Sidney Spencer, 1734
7. Jamie Carey, 1733
8. Deanna Nolan, 1690
9. Jia Perkins, 1680

The best performer for the Dream last year? Betty Lennox with 1628.

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