Thursday, June 18, 2009

Worst to First?

Kevin Pelton over at the Storm Tracker blog has applied his statistical talents to the WNBA using his SCHOENE statistical projection method to try to make sense out of the current WNBA season:

His projected order of finish:


1. Los Angeles
2. Seattle
3. Sacramento
4. Minnesota
5. Phoenix
6. San Antonio


1. Atlanta

2. Detroit
3. New York
4. Connecticut
5. Chicago
6. Indiana
7. Washington

Well, how about it? Do you think that we've got a shot of doing a "worst to first" in Atlanta?

Pelton also supplies some best comparible player projections. You definitely want to visit his post and see who compares with who.

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anonymous1 said...

I'm curious to see how we match up against Detroit. They are excellent outside shooters and that's where Atlanta has issues defending. But Trader Bill's abrupt departure may stir things up a bit.

Other than the exception of a player or two I think Atlanta has a very good team that could definitely fight for a spot in the post season; especially if we can clean up the fouls and work on outside shooting.