Monday, June 29, 2009

Shalee Lehning's New Blog Entry

The title explains it all. Go here for the newest blog entry from Shalee's hometown newspaper.

"This past week Joy, Cherianne and Josh Jacquart from Sublette made the trip to Atlanta as well. It was so nice to see familiar faces in the crowd! They even managed to bring the famous “Sublette loves Shalee” sign that was present at every one of my Kansas State games! I sure love that sign. That sign has logged a few miles in its day! The people in Sublette would pass it around to whoever was coming to my games at KSU so that the sign made an appearance at every game! How cool is that? Talk about great community support! Also, Kalona Pence and her dad Robert from Manhattan came to watch three games last week too! Kalona is a great supporter of KSU basketball and for her birthday her family bought her tickets to come to watch a couple games of mine in Atlanta. Isn’t that neat?!"

If you see that sign at a Dream game, walk over and say "hi"!

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Joy said...

The sign safely arrived back in Sublette, Kansas today so you won't be seeing it again for a while! We did wave it high and proud when Shalee scored her first WNBA points on June 19, but the usher immediately told us the "rules" on waving signs! The fans behind us said to wave it all we wanted if we brought it that far. We had a great trip and loved all the fans we met! Thanks for being so friendly and welcoming and for helping make Shalee's experience a great one. We all love her and want her to be happy in all she does.