Saturday, November 1, 2008

LFB (Spain) 6/2008 - Ros Casares 101, Gran Canaria 54

Delish Milton-Jones of Ros Casares is harassed by Tiina Sten of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria (1-5) hung on to a sliver of hope. Gran Canaria hadn't played in a week and Ros Casares (5-1) not only had a Euroleague game to play - in Russia - but spent forty hours of the week on the road. Gran Canaria's hopes were all for naught, as they were slaughtered 101-54 in front of 900 Ros Casares fans and threatened to fall to the bottom of the Liga Feminina.

The Halloweenesque box score is here.

Ros Casares took a 12 point in the first quarter...which was extended to 17 points at the half, 50-33. This lead was extended another 13 points in the third quarter and Gran Canaria was crushed 27-10 in the final ten minutes, probably having stopped trying.

"El Ros" shot 52 percent from the field, compared with 31 percent from Gran Canaria. Part of Gran Canaria's abysmal shooting is explained by the fact that they were 2-for-19 from 3-point range, many of those shots probably desperation shots trying to get back on track...whereas Ros Casares hit 8 for 17 from 3-point range to put the boot in.

Ros Casares won both the battle of rebounds (39-30) and the battle of turnovers, with Gran Canaria coughing up the ball seven more times. Gran Canaria sent Ros Casares to the line 28 times, and Ros Casares sank 19 free throws for 68 percent free throw shooting. Not impressed? Gran Canaria's shooting was even worse, 10 for 16 and 62 percent.

Leading all scorers on a team where six players scored in double figures was Erika de Souza, who had 19 points and seven rebounds. Delisha Milton-Jones added 16 points in the rout, with Anna Montañana scoring 15 points, and Roneeka Hodges and Amaya Valdemoro scoring 13 points each. Hodges was complemented for her defense in a media writeup of the game.

Elena Alamo Gonzalez led Gran Canaria with 10 points. She was the only player to score in double figures. Naomi Halman, a former player with UC-Irvine, scored nine points and seven rebounds, and Tiina Sten added nine points and six rebounds. Sten, a graduate of St. Johns, was signed as a rookie by the Sparks this year but did not play.

When I get pics, you'll have them.

UPDATE: Pics are right here, and there is one of Erika fighting Naomi Halman for a rebound.

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Rebecca said...

Things that are pretty much guaranteed not to end well: Tiina Sten trying to defend DeLisha Milton-Jones. Tiina's one of my girls, a Red Storm alumna, but sheesh. Thanks for the pics.