Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ivory Latta Suffers a Left Ripped Skill

From Yeni Adana Gazetesi, a publication from Turkey:

Other hand Ceyhan Belediyesyor Deputy Chief and Club Doctor Ercan Atalay and ivory Latta's left possessing a skill ripped it was determined that, as it is now Samsun Match risky play, that the Besiktas game to catch up an intensive treatment will apply. he said

This implies that

a) Latta injured her left something-or-other,
b) It's too risky to come back for the Ceyhan-Samsun game, forcing us to wait for the inevitable Ivory Latta-Alison Bales battle, and
c) Ivory might not come back until the Besitkas-Ceyhan game, which isn't until November 23rd. (Ceyhan has a bye week after the Ceyhan-Samsun game.)

Stay warm, Ivory, and don't strain your left ripped skill. come back soon.

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