Sunday, July 5, 2009

Teasley Talks about Latta Being Cut (?)

Mechelle Voepel has a new article up called "Revisiting Teasley's recent thoughts is rather eerie" She had spoken with Teasley a few weeks ago and they talked about...Ivory Latta being cut from the team. Now, it's Teasley that's been cut.

A quote:

So how does someone go from a starter to being cut from the team? It’s definitely odd, but consider that it happened to both Latta (starting almost all last season and being cut at the start of this year) and Teasley.

At what point this season did Atlanta coach/GM Marynell Meadors start worrying she had made a big mistake about her backcourt? Did it take a while before she could bring herself to admit it? Or is she now pulling the plug on Teasley too soon?

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