Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Angel McCoughtry Given Key to the City by Baltimore Mayor

If you had blinked in the news, you might have missed it, but on July 25th Atlanta Dream player Angel McCoughtry was awarded the key to the city of Baltimore by Major Shiela Dixon.

A quote from the accompanying article by WBAL:

"Some of you guys are going to be great students -- A students. But for some of you, it's going to take extra. Everybody is not gifted to be an A student. I was the type of student that I had to study more, and it's OK," she told students.

Here's another picture from the event. However, they got something wrong. The Phoenix game is not McCoughtry's first game with the Dream, but I guess I have to be glad that she at least got some notice.

(Thanks to @AtlantaDream on Twitter.)

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