Friday, July 10, 2009

White Sox Also Struggling: Decreased Attendance = No Trades

From the Huffington Post, and elsewhere:

" White Sox general manager Ken Williams said Tuesday he may not be able to make a big trade this season because of smaller crowds at U.S. Cellular Field."


"Well, if I'm being completely honest money is more of the issue now. We expected a little more support than we've gotten," he said. "I think it's a reflection upon the economy of what's kind of happen with regards to attendance and I don't know if we've played consistent enough, or been exciting enough for people to get behind us. We're still hopeful."

If the Sox are struggling, what about the other teams in baseball? Attendance is down 5.5 percent across the board.

As for the WNBA? According to the latest numbers, the WNBA's attendance is holding the same (actually up by 0.7 percent).

Of course, this is a count of tickets sold, not bodies in seats. Just about every sport does the same thing (see: Marlins, Florida) except for maybe football. But if the WNBA's attendance numbers are just lies, then why can't the major sports lie as creatively as we do?

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