Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dream Fall to Liberty on Free Throws by Kraayeveld

World's Most Difficult High Five.

For those who are still hungover, we lost at New York last night 71-69. I've been trying to forget this one but the memory isn't fading away. I'm still pretty miserable about it, because the Dream basically let the Liberty up off the mat. We had a chance to tie it at the end, but we couldn't get it done.

For those souls brave enough to look at pictorial evidence, a gallery of pictures from is here.

The New York Daily News article by Matt Ehalt is here.
The New York Post article by Brian Lewis is here.
The Associated Press write-up is here.

My report - I actually got WNBA Live Access to work starting in the second quarter - will be soon.


Rebecca said...

Oy. That game was a red-hot mess from start to finish by both teams. But, wow, is Sancho for real.

Good thing we get a do-over, sorta, on Sunday. Let's hope both teams learned from their mistakes, because if I have to sit through another 49-turnover game, I'm going to end up beating the shit out of something.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the turnovers... I was about to scream and was thinking I've seen jr. high teams create less turnovers. It sure made the agony of the game go on and on and on.... The Dream are going to have to get a grip on the turnovers if they want to be competitive with the better teams. I see this as a team problem, not one targeted to certain individuals.