Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sancho Featured at

Sancho Lyttle gets some love from Scott Stanchak writing at If you don't know much about Sancho Lyttle, who she is or where she came from, this article is the perfect background article.

It didn’t take long for Lyttle to get noticed. On Nov. 21, 2004, Lyttle’s first game with U of H, she took the ball to the basket, past a group of Gonzaga defenders, for a dunk – a rare feat in the women’s game. The slam got her national attention.

“That was a bet thing and I was feeling good that day,” Lyttle, who had her bags carried for her the following weekend, said modestly.

Don’t count on seeing Lyttle dunk in a WNBA game anytime soon. She says her hands are too small to palm the ball; plus, “two points is two points,” so she doesn’t want to risk blundering the play.

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