Friday, July 17, 2009

Angel Gets "Slammed"

SLAM Online, the basketball magazine with attitude, interviews Angel McCoughtry of the Atlanta Dream. It's a nice, long interview and definitely worth reading.

Some excerpts:

SLAM: What is your main role on this team?
AM: My role on this team, so far, is to come in off the bench and bring energy and an extra spark.


SLAM: You tend to remind me of Sheryl Swoopes as far as the rare combination of your rare combination of defensive toughness and versatile scoring. What player does your game most resemble?
AM: On the men’s side, my game resembles Dwayne Wade because he gets steals, he’s athletic and can get into the lane and shoot. In the women’s game they compare me to Swoopes.


SLAM: Any endorsement deals yet?
AM: The economy is a little rough right now. I’m taking the endorsements one by one. I have a shoe deal with Peak. They offered a really good contract. Please look out for some commercials soon. I have a book coming out. And I hope to get into modeling.

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