Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Angel McCoughtry: "No Rest for the Rookie"

Angel McCoughtry blogs at about jumping from college to the Draft to the W:

I realize I haven’t really had a break and sometimes I do get tired, but coach Walz used to say "if it was easy then everybody would do it.” I know it’s not easy and sometimes I wish I could just go on vacation but the main thing is when you do something you love, it doesn't get old.

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Maital said...

The best part:

"Right after the festivities were over I had to mentally prepare my self for a lot of school work that I had missed during the NCAA tourney. I was about a month behind. It took staying up half the night to study for exams and writing those long papers. But the good thing is I graduated.

Getting my degree was one of the biggest accomplishments in my life because no one thought it was possible"