Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brazil Players Don't Want Izi Back?

From David Abramvezt Diario de S. Paulo, in Brazil:

Most players of the Brazilian team not you want to be partner of Iziane. They do not swallow the behavior of the wing-owner (guard), called to dispute the Copa America in late September. The biggest reason the hole is the unfortunate attitude of Iziane, who refused to come into court during a game of the Pre-Olympic World Cup, in Spain, in May last year and was cut by Paul Bassul the technical group that was to the Games of Beijing.

Unfortunately, the Portugese-English translator isn't working very well - oh, if I could only speak Portugese! Bloggers like Bert over at the Painel do Basquete Feminino think that something is crazy. But is it:

a) the reporter, who stated something that might not be true, or
b) Brazilian basketball, which seems determined to get Izi back on the Brazilian team despite opposition from both the head coach and (it seems) the players?

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Blog F1 Trulli said...

The players of the Brazilian team don't have problem with Iziane. The big problem was with the coach. The players like Iziane and "fight" for it again. Logically, everyone knows that Iziane is the best that Brazil has.

in communities of basketball, all asking to return Iziane. She's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!