Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In the 2008 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the WNBA and the WNBA Players Associated, the players get the following benefits:

a) The player gets free housing. The housing is either provided by the team, or they get the average cost of a furnished one-bedroom apartment in the market where the team plays. This is a cost of approximately $1700/month in Atlanta. If you want better digs, you pay more.

b) During training camp, you have the option of a hotel room: two players per room option only.

c) If you're on the road, the hotel accomodations are "first class" (whatever that means).

If you have five years service, you get your own room. Else, you have to share a room with someone else.

d) If you get traded, the club will reasonably reimburse you for the cost of moving your junk to the new club. You also get one coach airline ticket to get there. $1000 will be alloted for moving your car.

By the way: All air travel while you're in the WNBA that's paid for by the club will be coach.

If you get waived/terminated, you get one coach airline ticket back home, wherever you call home. Moving your crap is your own problem.

Exception: If you live less than 200 miles from your plane ticket.

e) The basic "per day" meal expense while on the road is $67/day. There are partial allowances when you are spending half-days in a city.

f) You get two free tickets for all home and all away games.

That's pretty much it.

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afoundingfan said...

With all the cost cutting going on i.e. player roster cuts, I was kinda surprised when, in reading about the DT incident in Phoenix, she was on her way to visit the Storm players, who were staying at the Phoenician. Them's some digs that are beyond first class!