Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dream Set Scoring Record With 106-76 Home Win Over Mercury

53 games. 53 f#$%ing games.

In 2008, we were 4-30. The laughing stock of the league. Those of us who stuck it out during the second season told ourselves that someday, it would be our day. Someday, other teams would be looking up at our butt instead of the other way around.

We led by 45 points at one point. The 106 points set a franchise record in scoring. After 53 regular season games, we got our most amazing win in Dream history.

Feels good.

More later.

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anonymous1 said...

Great game, great win. The faster pace was nice. A few things still need to be tightened up but I will leave the details to pt. If the team can keep this up maybe there will be a post season.

Random observations:
1) Someone needs to tell Cappie ATL humidity doesn't work with that hair style
2) The refs were calling "soft" fouls but when DT basically threw a player to the ground going for a rebound there was nothing??
3) The Shooting Stars choreography is getting a little better...or is that wishful thinking?
4) Star didn't really get any limelight, I guess when a team that only won 4 games last season is blowing out the top western team there's no need for "filler" entertainment.
5) Tamera isn't getting much playing time. The only reason she stepped foot on the court was to give others a rest.