Monday, July 13, 2009

Shalee Lehning and the Power of Girls

Shalee Lehning writes a new blog entry for her hometown paper. Lehning worked with the Power of Girls mentorning program and she got a chance to go bowling:

"We were separated into teams and we competed against each other. As you can imagine it got pretty competitive. Before I tell you who won, let me explain what the atmosphere was like. The place we bowled at was called 300 Atlanta. It was the coolest bowling alley I’ve ever been too!"

"To top it off, my team won! I was with Tamera Young from the Dream and then we were with a few people that work for the Dream and a girl from the mentoring program. It was total domination so that made the night even more enjoyable. Not to mention the bragging rights that Tamera and I have now."

She also mentions an interview with the website, a pop culture/spirituality website where she talks about her Christian faith. But the interview reveals more than just her faith journey:

"Her contributions on the court are starting to pay off as she adjusts to the speed of the game and continues to get better. Currently, she’s second on the team in assists (2.2 per game). As a point guard, Lehning told me that she models her game after Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns. She’s watched hours of film on him, noting that his style is to pass first, shoot second, and keep defenses honest. In addition, he’s found ways to make defenses better, sacrificing his own game in the process."

If you want to know why Lehning wears #5, give the website a visit.


afoundingfan said...

I love Shalee's joie de vivre. I was disappointed that she and Sancho ate at Olive Garden--Olive Garden when you are in NYC--you can eat that anywhere! :0 Glad to see she redeemed herself w/some NYC pizza. ;) Now this weekend,make it over to Sardi's. And find some Carvel Ice Cream.

pt said...

afoundingfan, yep, Manhattanites would curl their noses at finding out that Shalee ate at the Olive Guarden - I used to live (technically) in Manhattan.

On the other hand, I loved eating at the Chevy's on 42nd Street, and I also liked eating at Sbarro's. And Olive Garden has great salty breadsticks.

Erika should take Shalee out for some real Brazilian food the next time they're in New York.

Rebecca said...

Good idea. Little Brazil Street is about half a mile uptown of the Garden- 47th, I think? Between 6th and 7th. Sardi's might be a little out of their price range, though.

kansasdreamfan said...

Remember... Shalee is from a small town so NYC has to be a very overwhelming place for her. When I say small town, I mean SMALL. Most of you probably had more people in your graduating class than are in Shalee's hometown. Also, Sublette, Kansas (population somewhere around 1500) is a long way from any major city and at least 200 miles from an Olive Garden - so that was exotic food for her!

Maybe Erika can take your advice and help Shalee become a bit more worldly!