Monday, July 27, 2009

De Souza Enjoys her All-Star Experience

Prodep has an interview with Erika de Souza posted. (The link leads to the translated version). De Souza talks about her All-Star experiences, but the translation from Google leaves a bit to be desired. Just a heads-up.

At two p.m. began competitions and three-point shooting ability, the flag was starting to fill up and as I did not take part, much enjoyment and fun to participate with all my mates, then started and began heating the great match.

The meeting was very like all the All-Star, decentralized, fun, the whole world to believe in attacking people for fun. I was very important and frankly I was happy to see among the audience many people in Atlanta and Brazil.

If you think about it, Erika de Souza is an international superstar. She's a major figure in women's basketball in three countries - the United States (where she plays for the Dream), Spain (where she plays for Ros Casares, an elite team in the Spanish league) and of course, her native Brazil.

(Thanks to the Painel do Basquete Feminino blog.)

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