Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Leaders in Drawn Fouls

Swanny's Stats gives us a look at a WNBA stat that you don't see much of: "drawn fouls". What kind of players can other players just not resist fouling?

Sancho Lyttle is 17th in the WNBA so far this year. Angel McCoughtry is tied for 18th with Laura Harper of Sacramento. The leader in drawn fouls? Nicky Anosike of the Lynx with 73 drawn fouls.

The list for the Atlanta Dream:

Lyttle: 42
McCoughtry: 41
de Souza: 39
Holdsclaw: 39
Castro Marques: 32
Snow: 31
Lacy: 16
Miller: 16
Lehning: 15
Teasley: 12
Young: 11
Latta: 1

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