Monday, July 27, 2009

Dream Games and Seating

In putting together a "how-to" collection of links, I want to mention briefly the cost of attending the game, and ask the question, "what are the best seats for the cost?"

First, it's quite possible to get good seats if you're willing to wait for them. Sometimes, the Dream does a promotion, particularly if the game is going to be on ESPN2 and the Dream want to sell out the game - you can get "all tickets $10" or freebies or some such thing. However, I don't think there are any more Dream games that are going to be on ESPN2 this year.

Second, you can get good seats in what I call the $10 - $20 - $30 range. The $10 dollar seats are generally seats on the upper level (see the seating chart.) Those are the seats in dark blue with sections in the 200s. I've never sat in the upper level seats, but I know that there are people up there and they are cheering.

The $20 seats are behind the backboards. Which means that you'll get to see one team close up and personal each half - but it will be a different team as the teams change baskets at halftime. I don't know what that experience is like, either.

The $30 seats are closer, either closer to the player baskets or at cattycorners to the court. I've sat in the $30 seats before - the "off corner ones" - and I found it quite pleasant.

Anything above $40? That's up to you. For $100 a ticket you're basically at courtside. Try getting that at a Hawks game.

What kinds of experiences have commenters had with seats at Philips? Where are the best places to sit at Philips? What kind of "seat protocol" is there?


kansasdreamfan said...

I think this is an interesting topic... During our recent stay we sat in two different sections. For the first game, we purchased tickets off of Ticketmaster for over $50 each and sat in 114. We were only about 8 rows up and could see everything well. For the next game, we were given tickets in 106. This is a corner section and the row was much higher up but they were free so we thought we'd try it. We ended up really liking the seats. They were not crowded so we were more comfortable (my behind tends overfill seats and I swear these seats were larger) and we had a very good view of the entire court - much better than anticipated. It was also in the 'club' section so we were close to restrooms and concessions without long lines. We sat in the same seats for the next two games and enjoyed it.

afoundingfan said...

Kansasdreamfan, I would try to save on the Ticketmaster fees and buy walk-up tickets; there's bound to be a good selection on game day and you won't be throwing away your money to TM. RE: corner seats: I sat in the corner section, up, closest to the Dream bench for last yrs LA game, and they weren't for me personally, as there were a lot of kids groups in that area and they were always going back and forth in the aisle. Glad that your seats worked for you!

Last year I sat in a middle section in the lower level about halfway up(section escapes me but it was at mid court on the same side as the player benches). I think those were about $40, very good seats. Sitting there though,I noticed that it was easy for folks w/o tickets to that area to come sit down there once the game has started.

Several times I also sat in the row directly behind the visitors bench. I think those were around $75 and well worth it, at least for a few times if you can afford it. There was decent camaraderie there amongst the fans and the people that work down there get to know you too. Plus you could hear everything the coaches and some of the players were saying, and you have great photo opportunities. And if being on TV is your thing, behind the bench is a good place. You could get stats there, too.

I sat on the side opposite from the benches, in the first few rows on the floor, for other games. There, you are closer to the club restaurants which is a plus. I think there may have been wait service over there too, if you don't want to leave your seat. That came in handy w/very young children in tow.

As in any arena you want to be careful of being on the aisle or close to it in certain sections, as your view can be blocked by folks going up and down the aisles. I don't recall the "wait for stop in play" rules to be in effect...