Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diamond Ratings: Hot Players, Cold Minutes

The Diamond Rating consists of players who might be great if they could just get starter's minutes. (I've limited the list to players who have played at least 100 minutes so far this year.) A player has to play > 2 minutes a game but < 21 minutes a game to get on the list.

The formula is based on Wins Score. For a deeper explanation, search the blog and look up "Diamond Rating".

Diamond Rating Leaders

1. Kara Braxton, Shock (23.59)
2. Courtney Paris, Monarchs (20.98)
3. Megan Frazee, Silver Stars (18.58)
4. DeWanna Bonner, Mercury (17.01)
5. Michelle Snow, Dream (15.22)
6. Kristin Haynie, Shock (13.88)
7. Rebekkah Brunson, Monarchs (13.63)
8. Vanessa Hayden, Sparks (13.44)
9. Tiffany Jackson, Liberty (13.34)
10. Sidney Spencer, Liberty (13.07)

Many of these players could be spoken of as "trade bait" - you can expect rookies like Paris, Bonner and Frazee to stay right where they are unless the right deal is made.

Already on some message boards, Snow is being spoken of as someone that another team might want to acquire. Meadors made a deal last year, trading Kristen Mann to the Fever for Alison Bales - the first game that Bales played in, we won and the trade turned out to be a plus for the Dream.

So my question: if we trade Snow, what would we want in return?


Rebecca said...

Couple of notes about your notes.

LaToya Pringle just got cut, so she's nobody's trade bait.

Megan Frazee plays for the Silver Stars. Her alma mater is Liberty University. Mixing up Liberty University and the New York Liberty rarely ends well.

If Tiffany Jackson gets traded, FFO is a dead woman.

There's an H at the end of Brunson's first name.

pt said...

Rebekkah's "H" has been rightfully restored.

And I've replaced LaToya Pringle with the next player who is still active...Sidney Spencer. I pray that she hasn't been cut.

Anonymous said...

After Snow put together another total game performance tonight, I don't think she is on the trade list...

Rebecca said...

If we cut the player that FFO traded our first round draft pick for- meaning we sent what looks to be a lottery pick which could be Tina Charles or Jayne Appel or Monica Wright or Epiphanny Prince or or or or to Minnesota for fucking nothing- I don't fucking care that I didn't want Spencer in the first place, Blaze would have to show me pictures of Spencer doing things that would force Blaze's hand for me not to put my hands around her throat and squeeze. We're talking stuff that would be illegal in any state bad. We're talking stuff that would be illegal in Amsterdam bad.

And you've still given us Megan Frazee, which would be a nice gift, as it would give us someone who will actually GO TO THE HOLE and Spencer could debate theology with her new bestest friend evar, but she's not ours.

pt said...

Ah. Now I get the Liberty/Liberty mixup. Oops. Although, it would certainly be interesting to have both Frazee and Mattera as Libs. Weird, but interesting.