Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sancho Lyttle Gets Feature Article at

It looks like the establishment is waking up to the Power of Sancho. A new article at is devoted to Sancho Lyttle.

A quote:

“Coming into the WNBA was a rude awakening,” she said. “These people have been here and they’ve worked hard for what they wanted and they’re the best.”

The Comets had their core players intact already – Tina Thompson, Michelle Snow, Sheryl Swoopes, Janeth Arcain -- meaning Lyttle was spending more time on the bench than on the floor.

“Whenever I got a minute, I played it. Whenever I got a second, I played it. In Houston, because of who they had, I just had to take what I got.”

Oh by the way, did you Vote for Sancho Lyttle as an All-Star write in candidate? It's not too late to vote...yet. And if you've again!

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