Thursday, July 2, 2009

Possible Roster Moves Upcoming for Dream?

A Latvian team player gets to know Yelena Leuchanka of Belarus.

When desperate, you turn to the authorities - in this case, people who are actually insiders with the Atlanta Dream.

I'm getting strong rumors from sources who have been right before that indicate there could be some personnel moves coming in the next couple of weeks. I'm unable to find out exactly what's going to happen, but I would put cash money on the roster not remaining what it is right now by the end of July.

One source - whom I'll call "Deep Purple" - is actually putting some credence to the thought that Yelena Leuchanka might want to come and play for the Dream. My source writes that Leuchanka has said all along that she wants to come and play in the WNBA this summer and she should decide this week for sure - she is resting after Eurobasket just ended about nine days ago.

Of course, if Leuchanka does come to the Dream, this presents what you call a "good problem", the one caused by an embarrassment of riches. The problem becomes finding space for Yelena among all of our great posts. Which might mean, of course, more trades.

I might have some suggestions for some of those roster moves. I'm sure a lot of readers have some suggestions, too.


Anonymous said...

Based on that pic, I'd rather have the Latvian player. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but since this is Euro play you have to realize that the odds of that being Leuchanka's man are pretty slim....when you play post in Europe, you spend half your time running towards the guards that never got stopped headed your way!

p_d_swanson said...

The Latvian player pictured is ex-Mystic and Western Illinois center Zane (Teilane) Tamane...