Sunday, September 28, 2008

PLKK 3/2008 - Rybnik 86, Jelenia Gora 64

My learning curve continues. It turns out that there are two teams in Poznan. There is the Inea Poznan team and another team called MUKS Poznan. What MUKS Poznan stands for I don't know. The team that Rybnik beat on Wednesay was the Inea version.

Rybnik and Jelenia Gora kept it close for the first minute, but sometime in the second quarter, the Jelenia Gora transformed back into the 2007/08 team which went 2-22 for the year. Jelenia Gora was beat every which way but loose. They shot a dismal 31 percent from the field and Rybnik shot 56 percent from the field. Rybnik got five blocks - Kasha Terry had three of those - and Jelenia Gora didn't block a single shot. Nice win for Rybnik on its home court.

Jelenia Gora was outgunned. The only American player they had was Ryan Coleman, a graduate of Eastern Michigan who was signed by the Detroit Shock in 2006 but released without playing a single game. She scored 24 of Jelenia Gora's 64 points and played 37 minutes.

As for Rybnik, Kasha Terry led all players with 20 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks. She also only fouled two players, and fouling has been Terry's biggest problem. Look at the minutes played and you'll see that Rybnik relies a lot on particular players who play essentially the whole game - LaTangela Atkinson, Elzbieta Miedzik, Malgorzata Chomicka.

Game oddity - according to the boxscore, Terry has abandoned her #35 and has adopted #10 as her jersey number. I have no idea if this was some sort of European ball necessity or it was a personal choice by Kasha.

Rybnik is now at the top of the PLLK table with a 3-0 record. They are tied with Gorzow Wielkopolski. Gorzow Wielkopolski has Lindsay Taylor (her Wikipedia article is monstrous) and Shala Crawford, two skilled American players with extensive European experience.

Pictures will come when I can find them. Rybnik's next game is against Polkowice on Wednesday, which is already 0-2. Furthermore, Rybnik will be adding Jia Perkins to the roster.

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Anonymous said...

Jia Perkins has signed for Galatasaray?

pt said...

Perhaps. This article was written a year ago, and Perkins left Rybnik in mid-season.