Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Got Is What There Is

With no posts yesterday, I'll give you what I can find.

1) France. There are hardly any pictures of the Union Hainaut-Calais game. The one above is a typical representative. No Chioma Nnamaka pics. Note the hot pink uniforms of Calais. The Atlanta Dream fans almost chose this hot pink color as our uniform color. We dodged a bullet.

2. Spain. I have not found a boxscore of a single Spanish league game. All I have is this report of a preseason game between Extrugasa and Perfumerias. Perfumerias won 81-79, but you don't get a box score which is annoying beyond all belief.

Tamera Young at least was on the starting five in this preseason game, scoring 11 points. No more info on Erika de Souza for now.The regular season starts October 4th.

3) Poland. The best coverage so far comes out of Poland, with complete box scores that are easy to find. However, there doesn't seem to be a gallery for the Rybnik-Jelenia Gora game. The other two games had galleries. I'd like to post a pic of Kasha Terry wearing her new #10 jersey.

4) Turkey. Hey, even the new schedule for the TBBL hasn't been posted yet. I suspect the season will start sometime in November, which makes me wonder how Ivory Latta and Alison Bales are occupying their time.

5) China. You wish. Jennifer Lacy is supposed to be playing for the WCBA this year, but I suspect that all WCBA games are played in the Forbidden City. Info on Lacy's games is nonexistent. Chinese society in terms of equality of gender opportunity is pretty amazing, but for some reason, Chinese men's basketball is more popular than the women's game. This has been commented upon by sociologists. I guess it's the whole Yao Ming factor.

6) Everybody else. Betty Lennox, Kristin Haynie, Ann Strother and Iziane Castro Marques still haven't finalized anything, or if they have, we've not heard of it yet. (Remember that Katie Feenstra will get married in the fall and probably won't play until after Xmas, if at all.)

As for posting other items, looking at my web hits is a very interesting exercise. By far, the #1 way people get to the Atlanta Dream Blog is looking for information about the 2009 WNBA Draft. I've posted some statistical analyses, but there's just no way I can elaborate on them. Hey, I've predicted the draft prospects...do you want to know anything else about the draft? I'll post the order in a separate post.

Regaring the WNBA Finals: I've found out something important about myself. Most WNBA fans have favorite teams other than the one they follow regularly, but I only seem to have one favorite team - the Atlanta Dream. Watching these non-Dream games...there just seems to be something missing from them. Now, Sophia Young's last second shot was wild and the fact that the Libkids came from behind to throw Detroit's quest for a WNBA Championship in jeopardy were both very compelling stories - but if I don't see Ivory Latta moving the ball up from halfcourt, it just ain't the same. I'll certainly watch the WNBA Finals...but I miss my Dream. So you might have to go to other blogs for "pulse-pounding WNBA action!" as Sufferin' Stan Lee might put it.

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