Thursday, September 18, 2008

Interview with Coach Isaac Fernandez of Extrugasa

The Federacion Espanola de Baloncesto has an interview with Coach Isaac Fernandez of Extrugassa, the team that has Tamera Young.

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The team has done with services Tamera Young, Zlatanov and Sholokova, what has been sought on them to improve the team?

Unable to move ten players and stay with a staff of eight or nine, we sought young people who have hunger and desire to make a name, and above that were versatile, who could play in two places, great people and physically very good for endure the pace of the two competitions. Knowing well that even youth can be a double-edged sword. This is what we were looking for and we are very happy with the additions. Now see how lack arrive and how they fit into the city, the club and the team.

What are candidates for the title this year 2008/09?

In theory Ros Casares is above the rest. But lately Perfumeries Avenue is competing very well against them, but this year I see Rivas also trained to compete for that second place. Eivissa would later, and then setting up a group of teams who do it best will be able to reach these posts calm and beautiful playing. Anyone who does so badly, it will suffer down.

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Yeah, so Google Translate doesn't work that well, but I get the jist of it. Fernandez was looking for young, versatile players.

Ros Casares has Erika de Souza, and will also have Delisha Milton-Jones and Roneeka Hodges in 2008/09. That will be an interesting matchup between Ros Casares and Extrugasa.

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