Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dream in Pink

The above picture was found on a .pdf file at Today, the Dream jerseys seen in the above pick are put up for auction at

Unfortunately, I've been at and the jerseys aren't there yet. A pity. There aren't many WNBA items up for bid although the one's being bid on are part of the Breast Cancer Awareness program promoted by the WNBA. I'll keep checking and let you know when they show up.

(The current high bid? A pair of pink Becky Hammon sneakers, at $440.00, signed by Hammon herself. The ultimate dream item for the Hammonite, or Russian basketball supporter, or foot fetishist in your life.)

If you look closely, you'll see that the stars at the side of the jersey are pink and not red. These were the jerseys the Dream were wearing in their loss to the Sun when we had Breast Cancer Awareness night at Philips. (Despite the fact that the jerseys might have some bad mojo, I'd bid on them anyway.)

A few thoughts about the pic.

1) Everyone has let their hair down. It's the first time I've ever seen Erica de Souza with her hair semi-styled.
2) Tamera Young got blocked out a little by Betty Lennox's head. However, Tamera gets a separate piccie on the Atlanta Dream website.
3) The pic gives a good idea of everyone's relative height. Latta is definitely the shortest player on the Dream.
4) Who is that wearing #42 on the far right? That's Nikki Teasley! Better look carefully...this might be the only time we ever see Nikki wearing a Dream uniform.


Anonymous said...

don't will definitely see nikki in the dream uni next year...

Anonymous said...

Jerseys will be up by Wed or Thurs

pt said...

anon, thanks for the updates. Definitely hope to see Nikki next year.

And to anyone following along, be sure to get your bids in!