Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dream Fans at Work; Will Ivory Play Point Guard?

Dream Fan at Work

Big update at Dream Diary, the official blog of the Atlanta Dream. At least 200 photos of fans (and occasionally, fans and players) can be found from the link in the post.

There are two commands for you:

a) go to the link, and
b) make a comment on the diary, because we have to appreciate the sheer amount of effort

There is also a question and answer session with Coach Marynell Meadors regarding the signing of Iziane Castro Marquez to a three-year contract extension, where Meadors explains some of the reasoning behind the signing.

The big statement:

Changing our lineup around a little bit with adding Nikki Teasley at point guard and being able to shift Ivory to two-guard, I think Teasley will be able to see her a little bit better because of her height. I think Izi can really run the floor and fill the lanes which will result in some fast break opportunities for us.

This is a done deal, it seems. If Nikki gets back in shape - a big "if" - Ivory will definitely be moved to the two-spot and Teasley will be the new point.

They also asked Meadors what Izi's reaction was to the new deal. Meadors answered:

She loves our organization, she loves the city of Atlanta, and she especially loves all of our fans.

Damn straight. So do I.

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