Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Hey, Dr. J....!"

From the Wikipedia entry on Julius Erving:

New Jersey Nets star Vince Carter, who was playing for the Toronto Raptors at the time, preferred Erving as the choice for the team's next General Manager, after Glen Grunwald was dismissed in 2004. However, the team owners hired Rob Babcock instead.

Could the good Dr. J have...ulterior motives for showing up at two Dream games? Could Marynell Meadors be facing the boot in either the GM, the coach position, or both? Will Dr. J be showing us his WNBA moves in 2009?

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triv said...

You can say the same thing about Teresa Edwards as a broadcaster for the Dream.

Likewise, Dr. J was with the 76ers when Billy Cunnigham was an assistant to Gene Shue during the year reached the finals against Portland. The next year, Billy became the coach when Gene got the boot after three games of the 1977-1978 season.

I think J. Ron believes in Marynell and the five year plan.

Dr. J. should think about being a GM with the Hawks (He did a great job with Orlando) and Teresa needs to coach in the NBA. Her temperment is better suited for coaching men.