Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Krunchtime for Kasha

The first game for Utex Row in Poland is scheduled for September 21st, when they play Cukierki. The game is listed as Utex Row - Cukierki, and I don't know what the "European style" is - is Utex Row the home team, or the visiting team?

Some interesting facts about how European basketball works:

1. Each team plays two games against all other teams, one at home and one away. There are thirteen teams in the Polish league, making 24 games for all teams.

2. Each team will play each of the other teams once in the first 12 games. For the next twelve games, they will play their opponents in the exact same order as they played them in the first twelve games, with home and away being switched.

3. The top eight teams advance to the quarterfinals. For the Polish League, the first two rounds are best of five. The finals are best of seven.

4. No games will be played between December 20th and January 21st. I understand that many European teams have winter breaks.

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