Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PLKK 2/2008 - Rybnik 102, Poznan 88

I get to learn something new every day. It turns out that European teams don't have mascots. Instead, most of them are sponsored by companies. Utex is a fashion company. INEA, I believe, is a software company. I hope Kasha's getting some free clothing out of the deal.Therefore, Utex Row Rybnik will simply be named "Rybnik", after the city of Rybnik in Poland.

The game was a lot closer than the box score lets on. I was "watching" the live update of the boxscore. It was tight until the fourth quarter when visiting Rybnik turned it on and it became a decisive win.

Rybnik was shooting hot, about 49 percent to Poznan's 44 percent. Despite 18 offensive rebounds to Rybnik's nine, Poznan made more turnovers and sent Rybnik to the line more frequently.

If you look at Rybnik's statistics, you'll note that only seven players actually played. (Well, eight, but I wouldn't count Przekop's 42 seconds.) Miednik played all forty minutes, something I'd never seen before. Latangela Atkinson played all but 42 seconds. Chomac' played 32 minutes and 14 seconds.

#7 and #9 - I don't want to have to type those names - still haven't played a single minute. #10 also got to watch the entire game on the bench. Rybnik has a good chance of wiping out its starting five to injury.

So what about Kasha? 6 points, 6 shots. Four rebounds. Not bad, but she didn't play much. Note that she earned four personal fouls. In Europe, it only takes five personal fouls to foul out. Three players fouled out for Poznan, and one for Rybnik. A really rough game.

Rybnik goes back home to play Jelenia Gora on Sunday. Jelenia Gora went 2-22 last year- and actually finished 12th out of 13, ahead of Lomianki at 1-23. However, Jelenia Gora is already 1-0, already halfway to their win total of 2007-08.

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