Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Primer: How European Women's Basketball Works

There is a great article from Women's Basketball magazine that discusses European competition. It answers more questions than I could think of.

The following is definitely of interest:

Of course, that means women’s basketball players essentially work year-round, and the physical and mental wear and tear is substantial. Several veteran American players have abandoned the WNBA entirely, choosing to rest in the summer. That’s why Vicki Bullett, Kedra Holland-Corn and now, Chamique Holdsclaw, can only be seen in Europe, and more, including players like Tina Thompson, may follow in their footsteps.

And in Europe, teams usually only play two games a week, as opposed to the three or four in the WNBA, and the lifestyle is a bit more leisurely. It’s not exactly a European vacation for American players, but it’s a lifestyle many have adjusted to, and many more are destined to sample.

Which explains why I can read about Chamique Holdsclaw in Poland, but not in the WNBA.

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