Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nikki's Knees

This is from the Mystics Insider blog of the Washington Post.

**Nikki Teasley's departure: Teasley's knee problems were a surprise to no one. She practically didn't practice all of 2007 and regularly walked around with basketball-size bags of ice taped to both knees. Her knees had deteriorated by the end of the 2007 season and when she became pregnant -- which made her unavailable for at least half of the 2008 season -- the Mystics released her.

Teasley signed with Atlanta this year, but didn't play a game for the Dream. I did ask Linda Hargrove if there was any effort to bring her back though. "I have been in contact with her all year," Hargrove said. "We would have loved for that to work out but it was and is going to take a lot for her to come back from the pregnancy and the knee injuries to be the player she was."

I'm beginning to suspect that Nikki is being brought to the Dream in a backup role. (She'll be thirty in 2009.) Meadors was on the Mystics coaching staff all through 2007, so if Nikki has awful knees, Meadors would be the one to know about it.


Anonymous said...

Lots of time off + extra rehab work with good trainers = much better knee situation.

Anonymous said...

Have no fear....the rumors of Nikki's knee issues are greatly exaggerated...and the other commenter was right, she is getting a lot of good rehab/conditioning work with the first class training team that Dream uses (same group used by Univ of Tennessee and a lot of WNBA stars who pay for it themselves)....DC does not use a group like this one (most teams don't)....