Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kristin Haynie Leading Bidders in Dream Jersey Auction

The white game jerseys for the game that promoted breast cancer awareness are now up for auction. Here's who is leading in the bidding:

Kristin Haynie: 3 bids, $320
Tamera Young: 2 bids, $240
Ivory Latta: 2 bids, $220
Betty Lennox: 2 bids, $220
Alison Bales: 1 bid, $200
Erika de Souza: 1 bid, $200
Nikki Teasley: 1 bid, $100
Iziane Castro Marques: no bids
Katie Feenstra: no bids
Jennifer Lacy: no bids
Chioma Nnamaka: no bids
Ann Strother: no bids
Kasha Terry: no bids

I've never understood why Kristin Haynie has so many fans. Not that I hate Haynie, I just have my trouble wrapping my mind around the concept of her fandom. Someone illuminate me.

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