Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WNBA Bashers Bring You the WNBA on ESPN

Have you heard of Erik Kuselias? He was paired-up with Nancy Lieberman doing coverage for the WNBA on ESPN.

Milton Kent at Sports and the World at Large has some background about this guy. A fan of women's basketball, he ain't.

Here's an idea - instead of giving a hater air time on a women's basketball program, why not put Milton Kent in as announcer? (Instead of the nth iteration of Colin Cowherd.) Ooops...sorry. I was expecting ESPN to do something rational. What the hell was I thinking?


afoundingfan said...

Milton is a personal friend and true gentleman...not to mention very knowledgeable of women's hoops and quick with a quip or a wry observation. In the meantime, he can tell Pammy Ward to "Sic 'em"!!!

pt said...

Wow. You're lucky to know Milton Kent, from what I've heard he's a great guy and as you say, he definitely knows his hoops.