Sunday, September 14, 2008

Be Betty Lennox! (And lose some weight!)

From this link, and this other link, it looks like Betty Lennox will be coming to a Wii near you. There will be a new video game of three on three basketball where you can choose female players, and Betty Lennox will be among the three you can play.

This paragraph is interesting:

Somebody has to lose, and expansion teams never do well in their first season, but does losing to an opponent's bench to cap a 4-30 season really help the WNBA? And do you really think that makes international players like Erika DeSouza (Brazil), Iziane Castro Marques (Brazil), and Chioma Nnamaka (Sweden) want to return?

Well, we're probably the best of the worldwide women's leagues. With Izi's horribly inconsistent play, it might be better if she didn't come back. As for Chioma, she should be happy. She got paid an entire year's salary for 84 minutes of basketball. Somewhere else, she'd actually have to play.

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