Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Want to Make a Quick $600? You Could Be a Ref!

According to this article from Mental Floss - no point in reading it unless you want to, because it sites an article on but fails to provide a link - a WNBA referee makes between $600 and $800 a game.

Now before you bemoan the fact that WNBA refs only make $19,000 a year, most of these referees are either a) college referees in the off-season, or b) trying to make it as a ref in the NBA. This $19,000 is a nice little income supplement.

My thoughts:

a) Boy, if you could drop $100,000, you might be able to fix a WNBA game. But WNBA games don't see that kind of action because the odd-setters are a part of the "jock crowd" who don't understand women's B-ball and won't let gamblers put down a lot of money, lest they become vulnerable to a bettor who understands the women's game better than they do.

b) If we give Michael Price $19,000, will he go away? We should raise $800 a game from the audience.

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