Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crystal Smith Acts Like a Thug

Whenever players write anything from their hearts, it rocks! Bernice Mosby shares some random thoughts on the Pass The Ball blog:

As for Kia , she's still asking 100 questions in practice and Andrea has the biggest booty I have ever seen on a basketball player. Crystal Smith is still trying to ack like a thug . The things she says is just out of this world. Crystal Langhorne is still in lala land or can I say space. MoM o called her a space cadet three days ago in practice and Tasha calls her mask, but in reality Crystal is just a nice sweet girl. Yesterday was Krystal Vaughn’s birthday. As for Nikki Blue , she's just in love, can’t say nothing bad about her, she is a child of God and I am too somedays. Laurie is still eating salad and stealing the fruit from the locker room on game days and taking it back to her house. Well folks thats about it !! We are just tying to finish strong and play for our respect and dignity and also to win. At the same time we are still the Mystics and still are going to have fun and be a team with weird individuals on it. Stay tuned next week for the conclusion of the mix between Making the band 4, F lavor of L ove, and Nancy Grace all put together. Yep, we need our own reality show.

If you want to find out what Mosby has to say about Washington's GM, I suggest you click the link and run over to the blog. I agree that the Mystics need their own reality show.

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afoundingfan said...

That was hysterical.

Despite their organizational woes, they are doing the right thing by having things such as Pass the Ball. The Dream, on the other hand, should be called Drop the Ball for their failure to take advantage of the Olympic break to really connect with fans, STHs and potential STHs.