Monday, September 22, 2008

Kasha Terry's (Polish) Thoughts on Playing in Poland

This is from the PLKK website, which is the website of the Polish women's league. I found a Polish-to-English online translator and this is what came out:

"I have spent several days after season with family - WNBA and now I am in poland already. New challenges before I, new league, new girlfriends. I be glad on new challenges it said after arrival for under-cracovian - just Balic Terry. I be glad - most, that I can take a stand in one with friend team Tangie Atkinson. We are known from childhood. We played in school together, we played in WNBA together, but we have spent last season in Israel commonly, however, in detached teams."

It looks like Kasha isn't alone over there. Her next game will be on Wednesday...I think. More on Spanish league action in October and (possibly) Turkish action in November.

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