Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Toyota to Reliant

I found a blog post from a Houston Comets fan that details her decision not to follow the Comets from the Toyota Center to the Reliant Arena.

It might have been the change of venue that doomed the Comets. Interesting theory.

P. S. As a thought exercise, would you attend Dream games - or the games of your local WNBA team - if they were played elsewhere? Would certain venues be off-limits?

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afoundingfan said...

If the games were held, say, at Gwinnett Arena, I'd definitely have to have an altered season ticket plan consisting of weekend games, but not because I won't's more of my family situation. If I did not have family obligations, I'd try to make most of the games even if they were held up that way...although I'd probably get there right at game time (if not a bit late) and not spend money pre-game on food and beverages.

It would help if those weeknight games were at 7:30, too. Let's face it, there would be all those people who would normally take marta to the games now driving...making the arena even more empty at a 7pm tip.